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Thalia Nichole

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[21 Jun 2004|09:30pm]
[ mood | blank ]

         Hey have a great yet lost week…Thursday I “hung out” with Keith and Joey and Allison. I had an awesome time…Allison had to go to work though but me Keith and joey still hung out…we walked Keith home and then I went back to joeys we eat and watched The Basketball Dairies great movie then my mom came and got me…Friday I don think I did anything ...nothing I can remember then Saturday me Joey Melody and Courtney “hung out” Nasta was suppose to come but he had better things to do…oh yeah I made Keith a live journal but I think he hates it and isn’t going to update lol. But yeah Saturday was so funny just because of Courtney lol…Sunday I shopped and gauged my ear to a six! I’ve been talking all about religion and politics and the world and shit all week and Saturday night me Joey and Keith stay up till one on the phone it was great…today we all went to Friendly’s since we didn’t have a 6th period final (me, Joey, Melody, Julie, Keith, Jessica, Derek, Brittany, Adam, Christian, and Madison) lol that’s a lot once you write it out and that’s what all the pix are from basically… OH YEAH I fixed my camera completely now the actually screen works and I can fit 126 pix!!....click it

  my ear…they’re pink but look orange

  Joey looking very patriotic


  Joey dropped his sugar in his coffee Julie Keith Meladina I took this behind my head with out even looking lol…Christian and Madison Brittany and Adam Jessica and Keith I was trying to take a pic of everyone outside and all I got was Christian

  Keith and Jessica again MY FEET! LOL The happy Friendly’s clock Cool looking bottles Brittany with the Friendly’s dude Melancholy Mel Brittany and Adam again Melody loved the leafy things LOL our super nice waitress LOL I had to take a pic.

  Adam and then Brittany I was trying to get Joey u can see him looking all bright in the side

  Joey eating Melody… still love the leafy thing Keith and Jessica once again Mel paying Brittany and Adam once again Mel and Julie WALKING BACK Now Melody’s patriotic Joey Brittany and Adam I LOVE THAT HOUSE Everyone…almost Left foot Right foot


  Michael Tazz My dad Mirror Shots Fuzzy dice!!



This World Is a Holocaust

Friends Only... [07 Mar 2004|02:12am]
[ mood | creative ]

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OK this Journal is now friends Only...
Comment like it says

9 Ate Me This World Is a Holocaust

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